“Do’s and Don’ts” When it Comes to your Summer Footwear

With Florida summer in full swing many of you may be finding the urge to lose the shoes, and jump into a cool pair of sandals. With the transition to cooler footwear we often see an increase in injuries from large to small here at Healthy Feet Podiatry. Because of the altered mechanics while walking (gait) […]

Salt Water Injuries, A Painful Reality For Beach Goers

Because of our location in the Tampa Bay area it is common to come across injuries suffered at the beach, or more specifically, in the water. Other than common injuries one could suffer while frolicking on the beach or in the water, other overlooked injuries include that of our water bound friends! Whether it’s a […]

Cautionary Tips For Summer Beach Sports and Your Feet

It seems like spring is here and summer is closely approaching!  That means it’s beach time!  For us Floridians that can withstand the heat, there’s nothing like hanging out at the beach all day playing beach volleyball, tennis, or windsurfing just to name a few. During this fun time though, it’s important to not overlook […]