Achilles Tendonitis

A: Achilles tendonitis is inflammation of the cord in the back of the heel that moves the foot up and down.

A: Rest the tendon by wearing a heel lift in the heel and decreasing activity. Ice the back of the heel for 30 minutes twice a day. Take anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen and naproxen.

A: Repetitive climbing of stairs, sprinting, jumping or running are all causes of achilles tendonitis or pain in the back of the heel.

A: Custom made orthotics by a podiatrist or foot doctor will decrease the pulling of the achilles tendon which causes the pain. Usually a heel lift is placed into the orthotic, resting the tendon and icing the tendon for 30 minutes at a time is helpful. PRP also known as platelet rich plasma, ozone injections and super pulse laser are other treatments that cure achilles tendonitis.

A: Occasionally cortisone is injected around the achilles tendon but never inside the tendon because it could weaken the tendon. Sometimes you will need two or three injections every one or two weeks to cure the achilles tendonitis.

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