Salt Water Injuries, A Painful Reality For Beach Goers

Because of our location in the Tampa Bay area it is common to come across injuries suffered at the beach, or more specifically, in the water. Other than common injuries one could suffer while frolicking on the beach or in the water, other overlooked injuries include that of our water bound friends!

Whether it’s a nibble from a crab (or even worse a shark), a prick from a sea anemone, a slice from an oyster shell or a sting from a stingray barb, all are possibilities to sustain at the beach. While the degree of injury can vary depending on the animal encountered, all have high degrees of concern when treating them. Even the smallest cut or sore on your foot, when exposed to salt water could develop into a more serious infection. If you do end up with a spine from a sea anemone, a shell from an oyster or a barb from a stingray in your foot, it is advisable to seek medical treatment immediately! Don’t just remove the foreign body yourself and carry on. Depending on how the object enters the foot or ankle, you can sustain more damage trying to pull the object out yourself! Also worth keeping in mind is that a handful of these creatures do carry venom within their spines! This is even more of a reason to pursue medical advice.

At Healthy Feet, not only will we remove the foreign body, but we will also flush the wound out and start you on a high grade antibiotic if there is concern for an infection. The most common bacteria encountered with salt water injuries is Vibrio Vulnificus, which is deadly if left untreated or overlooked. For more severe cases of foreign bodies sustained from the beach, an admission to the hospital and surgical incision and drainage could be required!

If you step on a crab, get stung by a stingray or fall off your paddle board onto a oyster bed, call us at Healthy Feet Podiatry so we can get you better and back on your feet faster!

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