Philadelphia Eagles Ronald Darby Dislocates Ankle During Season Opener

Imagine this, hurricane Irma bearing down on the Tampa Bay area, and three Philadelphia natives are huddled around a TV in a boarded up room hoping the power just waits to go out until after the game! Fortunately, the game had a happy ending, with a crucial divisional win for the Eagles. Unfortunately, the hurricane […]

Want To Be Treated Like A Professional Athlete?

Fall isn’t far away with baseball season winding down, football season on the cusp of beginning and the rumblings of hockey and basketball season around the corner! Millions of people across the globe tune in night in and night out to watch their favorite teams participate in their rigorous sporting events. Do you ever sit […]

Giants Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to Miss More Practices Due to Ankle Injury

Odell Beckham Jr. is regarded as one of the best wide receivers in football. Like him or not (not from this eagles fan) his speed and agility can leave a defense dazzled. Unfortunately for Giants fans and Odell, during their last preseason game with the Browns he injured his ankle. The official report is, his […]

Houston Dash and USWNT Star Carli Lloyd out with Ankle Injury

Carli Lloyd is arguably the best women’s soccer player on the planet, but she now finds herself on the sidelines due to an injured ankle. While jumping for a cross, Lloyd landed on one of the opposing player’s feet and rolled her ankle. Injuries like this are not uncommon in soccer and basketball, and can […]

Why do Boxers like Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor Wear High Top Shoes?

It is nearly impossible to turn on the TV and not hear something about the upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor. With all the attention on boxing, I am sure everyones first question is “Why do boxers wear high top shoes?” The easiest answer to this question is, stability. Boxers are constantly moving […]

76ers rookie guard Fultz injures ankle in summer league game

The poor 76ers can’t seem to catch a break. First it was Joel Embiid’s broken navicular bone, then it was Ben Simmons Jones fracture.  Even Dario Saric dealt with plantar fasciitis during his rookie season and now their #1 overall pick Markelle Fultz sprained his ankle. Luckily for the 76ers, I’m a huge fan, as […]