Cautionary Tips For Summer Beach Sports and Your Feet

It seems like spring is here and summer is closely approaching!  That means it’s beach time!  For us Floridians that can withstand the heat, there’s nothing like hanging out at the beach all day playing beach volleyball, tennis, or windsurfing just to name a few.

During this fun time though, it’s important to not overlook your feet!  Here are a few tips below:

  • Wear beach shoes or water shoes when playing any sports on the beach or in the water!  Items lurking in the sand such as sand spurs, remnants of sharps from people’s trash or coral could shorten your beach day.
  • Wear sunscreen, even on your feet!  The top of your foot is a high risk area for sunburn and sun cancers.  Reapply sunscreen on your feet every hour and make sure it’s water-proof or sweat-proof.
  • Be cautious running in dry sand.  The uneven terrain could cause an ankle sprain.  Play more towards the water where the sand is sturdier and easier to run on.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to have a great beach day with your friends and family.  If you sustain an injury, don’t hesitate to call Healthy Feet Podiatry!  One of our doctors will be ready to treat any foot or ankle problem and get you back to the beach!

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