Fourth of July Accidents, Keep Your Feet Safe!

It’s that time of year again where people across the country light those fireworks to show their loyalty to our fine country. With the adrenaline rushing most are not thinking of potential problems that could arise with the wrong step.  It is not uncommon for people to step on a firecracker to put it out, or to kick the old one over to avoid your precious fingers. By doing so, you’re risking burns to your feet.

Sunburns are the most commonly encountered burns, followed by second degree burns secondary to walking barefoot on asphalt. However, specifically on the 4th of July, one needs to worry about burns from fireworks. Burns are categorized in degrees, from first to third, with third being the worse. Depending on the amount of exposure from the sun or the direct impact of your favorite roman candle, the degree of burn can vary.

First degree burns are your typical sunburns after a day on the beach. Most people usually remember to lather up in SPF; however the tops of the feet are often forgotten or missed. These types of burn hurt for a short period of time and do not cause any loss of skin. The best treatments for this type of burn are aloe and Tylenol, which we can easily obtain at any drug store.

Second degree burns usually develop blisters and can also be painful. Treatment for these burns includes lancing the blisters and application of silvadene cream which can be prescribed by your physician at Healthy Feet Podiatry.

Lastly third degree burns are the worst and most damaging. These burns are more likely to occur with fireworks because of the intense quick heat released. Other than cooling the area as quickly as possible with lukewarm to slightly cool water and topical treatments like silvadene, these burns may require surgical intervention.  If you think you have sustained a severe burn, you should consult with one of our physicians immediately!

Be sure to avoid all types of burns this holiday, apply your SPF regularly, wear shoes and let the professionals shoot those fireworks off!

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