“Do’s and Don’ts” When it Comes to your Summer Footwear

With Florida summer in full swing many of you may be finding the urge to lose the shoes, and jump into a cool pair of sandals. With the transition to cooler footwear we often see an increase in injuries from large to small here at Healthy Feet Podiatry. Because of the altered mechanics while walking (gait) due to the use of sandals, the foot often compensates in various ways which can cause a flair up in previously smoldering foot conditions. With that said we would like to offer some “Do’s and Don’ts” when it comes to your summer footwear.


Don’t wear sandals when walking a long distance

Sandals are poorly supported shoes and often times do not have a heel cup to support the heel,  which makes one of the most importance parts of the gait cycle “heel strike” unpredictable, and often painful


Don’t wear your new sandals for the first time for more then a few hours

Like shoes, sandals need to be broken in as well. Wearing new sandals for an extended period, greater increases the risk of blistering and subsequent infection


Don’t forget to wear sunscreen on your feet

Just like the rest of the body the feet are susceptible to sun damage, perhaps even more so due to their normally sheltered status. New or changing lesions should be thoroughly examined 


Don’t forget it is never too soon to snuff out a problem

By the time a problem is in full swing your body has already started an inflammatory reaction which can often be painful. It is important to put out the fire before it becomes to large 


Do wear a pair of sandals with a good arch

Although no sandal provides as much support as a shoe, with a good supportive heel cup, a sandal with a good arch can provide some additional support while standing still


Do check your feet after wearing sandals for newly imbedded foes 

The increased air flow with even the most sturdy sandal allows access for dirt and debris to enter the shoe, and therefore foot 

Do see your friendly team at Healthy Feet Podiatry with any new problems encountered while wearing your summer footwear!

At Healthy Feet Podiatry we understand flip flops are an integral part of summer. However, it is important to be diligent and careful when wearing your summer footwear and see your Podiatrist at the first sign of a problem! 

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