Regenerative Medicine – Foot, Ankle and Knee Pain Relief

Heal with Natural Treatments As Unique As YOU!
Healthy Feet Podiatry is a leader in Regenerative Medicine in Tampa Bay for foot and ankle pain. He is one of the few podiatrists in the country that uses these amazing treatments. Healthy Feet Podiatry has been using many of these protocols for about 8 years and has refined the techniques and combinations for the best outcomes.

regenerative medicine

At Healthy Feet Podiatry we know that you are unique. Your problems and conditions are equally unique. That is why we have developed specialized treatment plans with customized natural ingredients designed just for YOU. The goal is for your body to heal naturally relieving pain, rebuilding and strengthening the structures of the foot and ankle.. The goal is to regenerate not degenerate! Traditional medicine places everyone in the same category and you become a number receiving a pill or surgery. We have the alternative for you.

With Regenerative Medicine we address the source of your problem to promote healing instead of treating your symptoms. We use custom treatments to rebuild your foot and ankle while promoting healing. Surgery and Cortisone lead to breakdown of tissue, Regenerative Medicine is the alternative for you.

What about Stem Cells? This treatment may be an excellent option in the future as it is refined. Currently, there is no evidence that this treatment is superior to all of the others available. Stem cell treatment is expensive and better outcomes are possible with many of the other options noted below. In addition, harvesting stem cells is invasive and more prone to complications.

All treatments are performed in the comfort of our office and do not require expensive surgery center or hospital fees.

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