Pediatric Foot Care

Do you notice your child complaining of foot pain or unable to keep up with other children? More than likely your kid is suffering from one of the common conditions that often affect their feet such as flat feet, heel pain, ingrown nails, warts, or shin splints. These complaints should be taken seriously and treated to prevent a small problem from becoming a major one!

If you notice your child changing how they walk or complaining of pain in their feet, ankles or knees then more than likely they could be suffering from flat feet. Flat feet can put stresses on the joints and tendons which can lead to a lot of pain and fatigue in the foot and legs. This can be treated using custom orthotics which help put the foot in a proper position so it doesn’t have to work as hard.

Kids can have heel pain just like adults do, but the reason behind it can be much different. Heel pain can sometimes be due to issues with the child’s growth plate and can be a serious condition. Children with heel pain should be evaluated and treated to ensure that there are no long-term effects.

Believe it or not ingrown nails can be a very common problem for children. Tight shoe gear, athletics or improper trimming of nails can lead to this condition. Ingrown nails should be treated promptly to prevent infection. If this is an ongoing issue, it can be treated in the office to remove the offending nail border forever!

Warts are another common problem amongst kids. They can appear out of nowhere and be very painful and very hard to treat! Due to the thickness of the plantar skin, warts can be very stubborn and freezing alone is not enough to resolve the issue. Removing warts often requires a combination of topical medication and debridement for full resolution.

Shin splints is an ailment that children can acquire with increased activity. This condition occurs when there is excessive force in the muscles that sit close to the bone leading to inflammation and pain. Shin splints should be evaluated and treated with anti-inflammatories and orthotics to reduce pain as children continue to develop.

If your child is suffering from any of these conditions then come to any one of our four locations in Tampa, Wesley Chapel and Brooksville to be evaluated. At Healthy Feet Podiatry, Dr. Todd, Brennan, Dr. Binh Nguyen, Dr. Bret Brennan, and Dr. Anh Nguyen provide simple, effective treatment options that are safe and pain free. We can treat most conditions in the office with 3-D scanned custom orthotics, injections, minor surgical procedures, PRP, or Superpulse laser!

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