A: A hammertoe is a deformity of any of the toes when the toes curl downward.

A: A hammerote is caused from wearing shoes that are too narrow but mostly it is hereditary and can become progressively worse over time.

A: The best way to treat hammertoes can be with surgery by cutting the tendon on the top or bottom of the toe and removing a piece of bone from the toe or by fusing the toe joint. Hammer Toe splints will not fix a hammertoe.

A: The bump on the top of a toe is the bone from the toe joint in combination with extra skin called a corn that forms from the toe rubbing on a shoe.

A: Most people are wearing whatever shoe they want within 6 weeks after a hammertoe surgery. It may take longer to wear high heels.

Nonsurgical and surgical correction of hammertoes.

Hi, I’m Dr. Leo Krawetz of Healthy Feet Podiatry. One of the most common problems that I treat in my office is the hammertoe. A hammertoe is a contracted joint at the base of the toe or at the end of the toe. Conservatively, a hammertoe can be treated by getting rid of the painful symptoms of the toe and this usually includes padding of the toe, wearing a wider shoe, or a cortisone injection into the toe joint to reduce the inflammation. Although these are temporary fixers that usually and almost never _____ of sure the hammertoe. Since it is a structural deformity, in order to fix the hammertoe, surgery is required to straighten the toe. The procedure that that I do, I am make an incision on the top of the toe and remove part of the bone at the base of the joint. When I remove this piece of bone from the toe, the toe becomes slightly shorter and straighter. In most cases, I do not have to put a pin in the toe. You will be in a surgical shoe following the procedure for approximately two weeks and then you can return to tennis shoe or an open toed shoe for the next couple of weeks. After 4 weeks, you can usually resume your normal activity. The entire time after the surgery, you are walking with just a reduction in the amount of time that you are the feet to reduce the swelling of the toe. It is a relatively simple procedure done at the outpatient surgery center. It takes approximately 20 minutes to do the procedure and the pain from the hammertoe will be gone after the procedure. If you would like to have a consultation about a hammertoe or other foot problems you may have, please contact me by visiting my website at https://healthyfeetpodiatry.com. Thank you.

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