Ingrown Toe Nails Ingrown Nails, also known as onychocryptosis, is a common nail condition that occurs when an offending nail edge grows into the surrounding skin such as the nail border. Sometimes, the nail can penetrate and break the skin which introduces bacteria and increases the chance of an infection. The most common cause of […]

USA Olympic Figure Skater Nathan Chen Needs Some Extra Support!

Is anyone else as amazed as I am with the quick foot work and incredible leaps of figure skaters? Not to mention the “dizzy bat” spins they go through and skate away with seemingly no affect, its hard not to be impressed with the talent of these athletes. One skater in particular USA’s Nathan Chen […]

Healthy Feet Podiatrist on the Cutting Edge

For those of you that read our blogs, you probably are well aware that we offer many regenerative medicine options for our patients. Regenerative medicine is minimally to non-invasive medical techniques that can be used for a wide variety of pathologies to improve a patients symptoms. As we all know with continued research and advancements […]

Healthy Feet Podiatry and Advanced Podiatry Are Merging To Offer South Tampa, North Tampa and Brooksville Locations!

Effective March 6th, 2017, Healthy Feet Podiatry and Advanced Podiatry are merging practices in order to extend their geographic foot print in Tampa and surrounding areas such as Brooksville, while still offering best in class podiatric foot and ankle care. With top rated podiatry offices located in North Tampa, South Tampa and Brooksville, Drs. Krawetz, […]