Percy Harvin Played with a Broken Ankle


Percy Harvin Played with a Broken Ankle Nearly a decade ago, one of the greatest college football teams ever assembled, won the National Championship. On January 8, 2009, the Florida Gators beat the Oklahoma Sooners 24-14 to claim their 2nd trophy in three years.

The team was stacked with talent however the argument can be made that the most important player on that team was the multi-talented Percy Harvin. In the title game, he carried the ball 9 times for 122 yards with a touchdown, and caught five passes for 49 yards. It was only after the game that it was revealed that he played the entire game with a “hairline fracture” in his lower leg and “high ankle sprain.” In medical speak, he essentially played with a broken ankle. As someone who has also broke their ankle, I can safely say that doing what he did is no easy feat.

We get many patients who come in with ankle sprains. Although not common, these ankle sprains can also be accompanied by broken bones just like Percy Harvin’s injury. They are often referred to us by urgent care clinics and various emergency rooms. X-rays are taken and the patient is sent home with little information and are told to follow up with a specialist.

Did you know that you can cut out the middleman and come straight to one of our offices and get faster, better, and cheaper care for any foot or ankle injury? We have conveniently located offices in North Tampa, South Tampa, Brooksville and Wesley Chapel with same day appointments. You will leave your appointment with a thorough understanding of your injury and a treatment plan to get you back walking on your feet.

Percy Harvin can attest to the importance of having a good podiatrist and what they can do for you. Although not all of us are playing for championships everyday, we still have normal jobs and duties that require us to get around. In the unfortunate event that you ever hurt your foot and/or ankle, call us at (813) 388-9801. And of course, good luck to the Gators this season!

Go Gators,
Dr. Binh Nguyen

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