New Orleans Saints DT Ruptures Achilles Tendon


The end of the NFL season is approaching and the battle to the Super Bowl has become quite intense! Of course, with football comes injuries and it is going to be a little more challenging for the New Orleans Saints after losing their star defensive tackle. On Sunday, Sheldon Rankins ruptured his achilles tendon on a routine play during the team’s playoff victory against the Philadelphia Eagles. The achilles tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in the body, but even it can sometimes fail and rupture!

The achilles tendon is made up of gastrocnemius and soleus muscles which unites and forms a thick fibrous band that attaches to the heel bone. In athletes, the tendon ruptures because the body generates a massive amount of force every time we push off and sometimes the strain is too much to overcome and the tendon tears. These injuries often occur in sports but can also occur while performing daily activities. The ruptures seem to come out of nowhere, but sometimes our body will give us warning signs that the tendon is weakened in the form of achilles tendinopathy. Studies have shown that people who suffer from chronic tendinopathy are at a higher risk for achilles tendon ruptures. If you find that you’re suffering from achilles tendon pain then it should be properly evaluated and treated before it becomes an even bigger problem.  Often times, achilles tendon pain can be addressed in the office with multiple treatment options. Our offices are equipped to use PRP, Shockwave therapy or Superpulse laser to treat this condition! Our doctors are also well trained to surgically repair the tendon if a rupture has already occurred.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or someone just trying to stick to your New Year’s resolution and your achilles tendon is acting up, let us treat you so you can get back to your activities pain free! Call us at Healthy Feet Podiatry where we have same day appointments available!

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