Tottenham Hotspurs Lose Vital Piece in Harry Kane Injury

Harry Kane injured his right ankle in a recent match.  This is the same ankle that kept him out 10 games earlier this season. Based on preliminary reports it sounds as though Kane has a history of injury to his ankle ligaments; specifically the lateral collateral ankle ligaments (the ligaments on the outside of the ankle), which are more prone to injury. Once an ankle sprain injury occurs, the ankle can then inherently become more unstable.  This increases the likelihood of another ankle sprain or injury in the future.

Grading the severity of an ankle sprain ranges from 1-3 and depends on the amount of ligaments involved. If only one ligament is injured it is considered a Grade 1 sprain, where as a Grade 3 incorporates all three ligaments. The severity of these injuries dictate the treatment needed. For all first time ankle sprains, most can be treated conservatively consisting of ice, compression and usually temporary immobilization in a walking boot and physical therapy if indicated. Following the recovery and subsequent participation in sports, it is usually advised to wear an ankle brace or applying sports taping to prevent further sprains.  For those that continually have sprains surgical intervention may then be warranted. A procedure known as a lateral ankle stabilization can achieve this.

This entails surgically tightening the soft tissue structures and repairing the torn ligament on the outside of the ankle for more internal stabilization. A 6-8 week recovery of being off your foot is then followed by aggressive physical therapy. If you or your family member suffer an ankle injury or sprain, call Healthy Feet Podiatry for an appointment and allow one of our great doctors to assist you…even if you have to fly in from England, Harry!

Dr. Todd Brennan

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