Potential NFL 1st Round Pick Has Career Altering Injury

University of Washington defensive back Sidney Jones suffered a lower leg injury while performing for NFL scouts during workouts. Jones was predicted by many experts to be drafted in the first round of the upcoming NFL draft. Reports surfaced that the injury is an Achilles Tendon rupture, which can be a devastating injury for anyone, let alone an athlete competing for selection by the NFL. Achilles tendon ruptures typically occur after planting your foot and pushing off while changing directions or pivoting. It is commonly referred to as “the weekend warrior injury” because Achilles tendon ruptures typically occur in males ages 30-40 that engage in higher levels of activity on the weekend and are less active during the work week.

For the older patient that suffers an Achilles rupture, some medical literature suggests strong evidence that treating these injuries conservatively is a viable option. However for an athlete, primary surgical repair of the Achilles is standard of care. Following repair of the Achilles, the patient must be immobilized and non weight bearing for approximately 6-8 weeks. Following the immobilization period the patient will then start to transition to weight bearing in a walking boot followed by aggressive physical therapy. Our hearts at Healthy Feet Podiatry go out to Sidney Jones and wish him a rapid recovery and a successful career. If you or your family member suffer an Achilles injury contact Healthy Feet Podiatry to assist you in your road to recovery.

Dr. Todd Brennan

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