New Rays Player Matt Duffy’s Return To The Diamond Still On Hold Due To Achilles Repair

In December Matt Duffy underwent a procedure to shave down bone to reduce tenderness and rubbing he constantly dealt with on his Achilles tendon. The procedure, also known as a retrocalcaneal exostectomy involves detachment of the Achilles to shave down a troublesome bone spur. Unlike bone spurs on the bottom of the heel for plantar fasciitis (which don’t cause pain), spurs on the back of the heel can become quite the nuisance because of the Achilles tendonitis that is associated with them. Bone spurs typically form on the back of the heel due to the tight pull of the Achilles tendon. Treatment can consist of many conservative options including immobilization, heel lifts and/or orthotics, physical therapy and even advanced treatment such as prolotherapy. Even though none of these methods remove the spur, the right combination of conservative treatment options provided by our physicians can usually be successful in alleviating pain and helping to avoid surgery. If surgery is needed, a recovery of at least 6-8 weeks of no weight to the affected leg is necessary; followed by aggressive physical therapy. If you or your family are dealing with heel pain contact Healthy Feet Podiatry and one of our physicians will be happy to help you. Here’s to hoping Matt Duffy is close to returning to help the Rays win the AL East this year!

Written by: Dr. Todd Brennan

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