Kyle Korver To Miss Game Against Pistons Due To A Sore Foot

Sharpshooter Kyler Korver will be missing at least one game due to having soreness in his foot. Basketball can be a very grueling and physically demanding sport especially on the feet. Never mind the overall massive size of these athletes but the constant jumping and pushing off can cause strain on the feet. One common cause for a sore foot is plantar fasciitis, an injured band of tissue on the bottom of the foot. Proper stretching and arch support is important; however without taking the proper steps, the constant jumping, pushing and running cause this band of tissue to become chronically painful.

Another reason for a sore foot in an athlete is arch pain, also known as Posterior Tibial tendinitis (PT tendinitis). The importance of this tendon can’t be understated. The PT tendon is the primary tendon used to support your arch. For athletes such as basketball players, the constant jumping motion can cause increased pain to the tendon. Without the proper arch support, the PT tendon will continue to strain and eventually fatigue to the point of injury. For both plantar fasciitis and PT tendinitis, a good pair of custom orthotics is paramount, especially for professional athletes. If you or your family member is experiencing heel or arch pain, contact Healthy Feet Podiatry so one of our physicians can take care of your sore foot! That includes you, Kyle Korver!

Written by: Dr. Todd Brennan

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