Does Chrisley Know Best About Bunions?

On the most recent episode of the popular USA TV show Chrisley Knows Best, we found out that Julie the matriarch of the family had bunion surgery (also called bunionectomy).. Even though referred to as a “sixth toe” by Todd, bunions are actually a deformity of the bones in the foot due to irregular pull of tendons which is usually hereditary in nature. Bunions can range from mild to severe in both deformity and pain. It is highly recommended to avoid surgery until you feel as though your everyday life is affected by your foot pain. There are many conservative methods including shoe modifications, injections and orthotics to help alleviate bunion pain. If conservative treatment fails to relieve your painful bunion, then surgical intervention would be pursued. If you or your family member have bunion pain, feel free to contact Healthy Feet Podiatry so our physicians can make the best recommendation for your bunion pain. When it comes to bunion pain this Todd knows best!

Written by: Dr. Todd Brennan

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