Ingrown Nails


What is that stabbing feeling in your feet?!? Have you noticed a sharp pain around your toenail? More than likely what you have is an ingrown nail where the corner or edge of the nail is growing into the surrounding skin. Ingrown nails are a very common occurrence and often affect the big toe, but occasionally affect the smaller toes as well. This condition can cause pain, swelling and occasionally an infection.

Ingrown nails also known as onychocryptosis is a very painful condition that affects people of all ages. This problem often occurs in people with thick or curved nails, but can also be the result of tight shoes, an injury to the nail or because of improper nail trimming. When this issue does occur, it is important to have it treated before it becomes a raging infection. Ingrown nails are treated by numbing up the toe, removing the offending nail border and using a chemical to kill the cells where the curved part of the nail comes from. This is the only way to effectively and permanently get rid of ingrown nails for good! Ingrown nails can be an even bigger problem for patients who have other comorbidities. Patients with diabetes, PVD, or on anticoagulant therapy can develop limb threatening infections due to something as small as an ingrown nail. These patients should be seen regularly by a podiatrist to have routine nail care to avoid potential problems. Another condition that is common in nails are fungal nails. This problem can be treated using Laser therapy that is safe and can be done in the office!

Although ingrown nails may seem like a minute issue, it can be a constant painful reminder with every step you take. Don’t let ingrown nails ruin your day; come see our doctors at Healthy Feet Podiatry where it can be taken care of in the office! Call us at Healthy Feet Podiatry where we have same day appointments available so you can feel better today!

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