Does your child complain of heel pain?


Heel pain in children is one of the most common pediatric complaints we see. As a parent I understand the gut wrenching feeling of watching your child suffer. Foot pain is no different. At Healthy Feet Podiatry we see patients of all ages. Our youngest patients present to us with a variety of conditions, from complex congenital deformities to more straight forward conditions, we see it all.

Heel pain in pediatric patients is most commonly associated with a condition called Sever’s Disease. If your child is active (which most are) it is not uncommon for them to develop heel pain as they grow. The reason is the Achilles tendon which is the large tendon at the back of the leg/foot attaches to the heel bone in an area that is currently actively growing in children. Because of this, when children are very active the Achilles pulls on an area of bone that has a growth plate present which creates irritation in the growth plate, and therefore pain. This pain can have a sudden onset and having experienced it myself as a child, can be very painful. That is where we come in.

The treatments for Sever’s Disease varies depending on the patient, however a general principle is anti-inflammatories, ice, stretching, and most importantly support. Anti-inflammatories can come from either over the counter or prescription medication, depending on the severity of the condition presenting. Stretching helps to take away some of the tension from the Achilles and therefore limit the strain placed on the growth plate. The most important aspect of treating Severe’s Disease is the support. Custom molded orthotics are the most effective way to achieve this, because they are custom made to your child’s feet. Orthotics not only cushion but support and limit motion in the heel which in turn resolves the pain once and for all. We best serve our patients by offering different types of orthotics to suit all activities. Whether your child is a dancer wearing dancing flats, or a football player in cleats, we can custom design an orthotic to fit their shoes to provide the maximum amount of support, and relief.

If you find that your child suffers from heel pain, or any other foot or ankle problem, call us at Healthy Feet Podiatry!

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