76ers rookie guard Fultz injures ankle in summer league game

The poor 76ers can’t seem to catch a break. First it was Joel Embiid’s broken navicular bone, then it was Ben Simmons Jones fracture.  Even Dario Saric dealt with plantar fasciitis during his rookie season and now their #1 overall pick Markelle Fultz sprained his ankle. Luckily for the 76ers, I’m a huge fan, as well as a Philadelphia native; and I am a podiatrist whom they apparently need dearly on their staff!

Ankle sprains are a common injury sustained by basketball players as they jump to grab rebounds or score points. But just like anything else, what goes up must come down. And more commonly than not, they come down on someone else’s foot! When landing on a defenders foot, Fultz’s ankle twisted inwards causing  damage to ligaments around the ankle. There are three major ligaments around the outside of the ankle that aid in stabilization. The severity of the ankle sprain is dictated by how many ligaments are damaged. Obviously the more ligaments injured the longer recovery. Grade 1 sprains are typically treated with ice, compression and stabilization where Grade 3 sprains may need immobilization for a period of up to 6 weeks or even surgery.

Other than the basics, at Healthy Feet Podiatry we take pride in offering natural advanced options for all our patients. Chronic ankle sprains have shown significant improvement with modalities such as Superpulse Laser Therapy, Shockwave, Prolotherapy, Ozone and PRP. All of these modalities are offered at our office. Once we asses the injury, we construct the most precise treatment plan to get our patients back on their feet as soon as possible. Also important following healing are custom orthotics to help support the foot better and limit rear foot motion to prevent further sprains. Our sleek heat molded orthotics can be purchased and made the same day! Of course if conservative treatment fails, surgical intervention is always an option which any one of our physicians at Healthy Feet would be happy to discuss with you.  If you have questions about any of the above treatments call our office today or visit our websites at thetampapodiatrist.com and healthyfeetpodiatry.com.

I’m here if you need me 76ers brass!

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