Bunions and Hammertoes

Are your feet and toes in constant pain?! Are your toes looking odd and pointing in weird directions?! More than likely you are suffering from bunions and hammertoes! These are painful foot conditions that affect up to 25% of all adults. Bunions are not just a bump on the inside of the foot, it is also a malalignment of the big toe joint. Hammertoes are contractures of the smaller toes that causes the toes to curl down. Both of these conditions can be very painful and can make it difficult to fit into regular shoes. Oftentimes, this will cause difficulty walking due to pain as well as balance issues.

Bunions can be caused by multiple reasons that include genetics, foot structure, an imbalance in foot muscles and narrow shoes. A bunion forms when there is increased pressure on the first metatarsal bone causing it to deviate over creating a visible bump. This malalignment causes a faulty structure of the big toe joint which causes pain and eventually arthritis. The best way to prevent or slow down the progression of bunions is by using custom molded orthotics. Custom orthotics help take the pressure off the arch and first metatarsal that decreases the likelihood of it deviating away from its proper position.

Hammertoes are contractures of the toes that causes them to curl down. This causes pain in the associated joints as well as pressure across the top and tips of the toes. Hammertoes are the result of an imbalance in the muscles in the foot where some pull more than others causing the contractures that are seen. This is another condition that could be helped by using custom orthotics which helps balance the foot by redistributing weight evenly across the foot.

Bunions and hammertoes are often conditions that are downplayed but can be quite debilitating and painful. The initial treatment is always orthotics which can help redistribute pressures and regain the balance across the feet. Other options for pain in the joints are cortisone injections, PRP or SuperPulse laser. The final option is surgery where the toes are realigned. In some circumstances certain deformities can be surgically corrected in the office!

If bunions and hammertoes are affecting your daily activities or not allowing you to fit into your shoes properly then come see us and let us treat you so you can get back on your feet! Call us at Healthy Feet Podiatry where we have same day appointments available!

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