What Exactly Is A Podiatrist and What Do They Do?

This is a question that we often receive from patients or even other physicians who are not entirely sure what we do. Do we trim toenails and calluses? Absolutely. However, our scope of practice is much broader than that. We will treat anything and everything below the knee. Patients who are diabetic, neuropathic, on blood thinners, or with poor circulation are patients that we see on a regular basis. We also treat patients who have various aches and pains to their foot or ankle. These issues can range from ingrown nails, hammertoes, bunions or neuromas to bigger issues such as flat feet or ankle fractures.

Our regular patients are patients that are at risk of wounds and infections so we see them to prevent further problems. We will see them every 2 months to trim their nails and calluses, but also perform a full evaluation of their feet to ensure that they steer clear from trouble. Podiatrists will also often see patients with various musculoskeletal injuries of the feet. These are problems that can be treated in the office using different modalities. Podiatrists have access to many different treatment techniques and devices to cure just about any nagging pain. These include cortisone injections, PRP, SuperPulse Laser, Ozone, Shockwave, Cryosurgery, and 3D scanned orthotics. If you ever need surgery your podiatrist can sometimes perform them in the office as well! These procedures include ingrown nail removals, soft tissue mass excisions, hammertoes and cryosurgery. For bigger procedures we will take you to the operating room to take care of problems such as bunions, flat feet, joint replacements, fusions and fractures.

Big or small, your podiatrist can handle any problem that involves your foot or ankle. If you’re suffering from any problems with your feet let us help you get better. Call us at Healthy Feet Podiatry where we have same day appointments available!

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