Tiger’s J.D. Martinez Out With Lisfranc injury

Detroit Tigers outfielder, J.D. Martinez, injured his foot while trying to make a catch during a spring training game. A CT Scan verified the injury to the Lisfranc joint. Not only could this injury have implications on the Tigers to start the season, but it could potentially have long term affects to Martinez as well.

The Lisfranc joint is a vital joint in the mid-foot. It is commonly sprained when the toes are in a downward position and there is a force placed on the back of the foot. This could be from a tough tackle in a football game or a foot being caught in a stirrup after falling off a horse. Lisfranc injuries have the tendency to linger with potential long term affects. Even though the Lisfranc joint itself is actually very big, there is one specific ligament that is primarily injured (see picture below). If the injury is severe enough one can actually fracture the Lisfranc joint which may lead to long term arthritis requiring surgical intervention. For a Lisfranc sprain, similar to the one Martinez suffered, being off the foot for 3-4 weeks in a walking boot may suffice. For better foot support moving forward, a custom orthotic may be needed.  Without the proper support of an orthotic, he will get excess motion across an already inflamed joint every time he plants his foot playing baseball.

Hopefully for the Tigers, this is a mild injury and they will have Martinez back on the field in no time. J.D., before you head back north for the season, stop by Tampa and Healthy Feet Podiatry will set you up with your pair of orthotics in no time. If you or a loved one have pain in the middle of your foot that is not resolving, give us a call so one of our physicians can get you back on your feet right away!

Red= Lisfranc Joint
Blue= Lisfranc Ligament


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