Seamus Coleman of Republic of Ireland Suffered a Broken Right Leg During World Cup Qualifiers

After a late challenge from Wales defender Neil Taylor, the Republic of Ireland will be without their captain for the foreseeable future. Coleman suffered both a tibial and fibular fracture after the tackle, also known as a bimalleolar fracture. Obviously a fracture of this magnitude will cause an extensive and lengthy recovery for the Irishman.

Treatment for an ankle fracture depends on the severity of the fracture as well as the type of patient it occurs in. If the fracture is non-displaced (no gap is noted between the broken part of the bone) and in good alignment, usually surgical intervention is not warranted. However if it is a displaced fracture (the broken bone has separated too much) or an elite athlete like Coleman sustains a severe fracture, the best option is then surgical intervention. The surgery entails reducing the fragments of the fracture and fixating them with a plate and screws so that the bones can heal in the proper position. The hardware that is placed in your ankle is usually left in with no need for removal, unless it causes irritation later on. Following surgery, a recovery of at least 6-8 weeks off the ankle is necessary before any weight bearing activity can even be considered.

If you sustain an injured ankle, call us at Healthy Feet Podiatry so we can take care of you. Healthy Feet Podiatry wishes Seamus a quick recovery, or as the Irish would say, ádh mór!

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