Shaq Shows off his Feet on National TV

Just the other day Hall of Fame (and one of my all time favorite) basketball player Shaquille O’Neal showed his foot on TNT’s coverage of the basketball playoffs. As you can see above, his feet have seen better days. As you can assume though, being 7’2” and weighing 325 lbs can take a toll on your body, especially when you are an all world athlete.

As evidenced by Shaq’s feet, he is suffering from some serious toenail fungus. This is nothing new for an athlete. Because of the high impact, potential trauma and hot environment athlete’s feet suffer, it is no surprise that many of them suffer from fungal toenails. That’s where Healthy Feet Podiatry comes to help. At Healthy Feet we approach each fungal case directly and look to find the right combination for each patient. Many topical products available help to a degree, but when battling fungal toenails it is a group approach. At Healthy Feet we combine topical products, oral products as well as our high powered cold laser to address your fungal needs. We find that with more options at your disposal it increases the likelihood at eliminating the fungal infection. Sometimes for more severe cases, maintenance therapy may be needed to prevent residual flare ups of the fungus.

Another product offered at our office that helps separate us from the pack is the Shoe Zap. The Shoe Zap is a must have product when battling fungus. It allows you to rest your shoes (or cleats/spikes) on it when you are not wearing them; therefore drying the environment inside your shoe and eliminating any potential fungal elements that could be re-infecting your toenails. The combination of the cold laser and the Shoe Zap with the products listed above, help us ensure you are getting the best treatment possible.

If you or someone you know have unsightly nail fungus, give us a call so we can help! This includes you Shaq!

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