Ready To Run For the Roses? The 2017 Kentucky Derby is Here!

The most exciting two minutes in sports is just around the corner!  Soon we’ll be hearing who the final list of contenders are running for the roses.  These horses are looked over from head to hoof for any medical conditions that could impede their ability to run.  Veterinarians keep a watchful eye on the horses’ gait patterns leading up to the race to make sure they’re happy, healthy, and ready to run.

So what does this have to do with Healthy Feet Podiatry?  Well, just like horses, when people are training for an event whether it’s a small race or a triathlon, we also keep a watchful eye on our patients.  When you become a Healthy Feet Podiatry patient, our doctors (similar to the veterinarians) will closely monitor how your feet are holding up during your training.

The most common foot condition we check for are stress fractures.  Stress fractures are caused by mechanical fatigue of a weight bearing bone.  A more common term is “hairline fractures.”  Stress fractures can occur when you increase your activity level such as running farther or faster.  If diagnosed early, stress fractures can be easily treated with rest, ice, nsaids, and proper immobilization advised by your podiatrist.  Once treated properly, your podiatrists will discuss how to prevent stress fractures again by changing your shoe gear or getting custom orthotics.

So if you’re starting a new training program or you’re an elite athlete who needs a professional to monitor your feet, call Healthy Feet Podiatry so our podiatrists can give you the best recommendations to keep your hooves in tip top racing shape!

Happy Running!

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