Philadelphia Eagles Ronald Darby Dislocates Ankle During Season Opener

Imagine this, hurricane Irma bearing down on the Tampa Bay area, and three Philadelphia natives are huddled around a TV in a boarded up room hoping the power just waits to go out until after the game! Fortunately, the game had a happy ending, with a crucial divisional win for the Eagles. Unfortunately, the hurricane devastated most of Florida, and Ronald Darby dislocated his ankle during play. Dislocation of the ankle is nothing new to foot and ankle specialist however it is a very gruesome appearing injury to everyone watching the game. 

Dislocation of the ankle occurs when the bottom half of the ankle joint (the talus) moves out of position. This is a surprisingly common injury primarily because no muscles attach to the aforementioned talus. In some cases the ankle can completely dislocate without any broken bones. In these cases the ankle is repositioned and held in place to allow the soft tissue around the ankle to heal. Chronic instability, pain, and arthritis can all be real long term side affects of an ankle dislocation. At Healthy Feet Podiatry we have regenerative medicine techniques available such as Platelet rich plasma (PRP), Prolotherapy, Ozone therapy, etc to assist in the healing of the soft tissue and allow for an expedited return to the field. We believe in treating all of our patients (not just the pros), like they are a professional athletes. This gives them every chance to get back to the field/court/life as quickly as possible! Call today to schedule your same day consultation with one of our highly trained physicians! 

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