Crossover Toes Bring No Good Luck

We all have been there, wanting something so bad that we cross our fingers, toes, legs etc to bestow upon ourselves as much good luck as possible. However, for some of us crossover toes are no joke. A crossover toe is a common complaint that we see at Healthy Feet Podiatry often times associated with pain or inability to fit in shoes. 

The cause of crossover toe can vary significantly depending on the patient, but usually stems from a muscle imbalance at some point.  A muscle imbalance can cause an abnormal shift in the first toe (called a bunion) which then can displace the 2nd toe on top of the 1st or vice versa. This pressure on the toe can lead to a rupture in the plantar tissue of the 2nd toe joint which often times goes untreated. The primary first line of therapy for crossover toes consists of taping techniques, along with orthotics for ones shoe to prevent the deformity from getting worse. If these fail, then an in office balancing procedure can sometimes be performed to help straighten the toe. If conservative options do fail, a surgical procedure can be done to rebalance the soft tissue around the toe, and repair the damaged tissue. In the video below Dr. Bret Brennan performs a surgical repair of bunion with a crossover toe deformity. Typically, patients return to normal shoe gear in 4-6 weeks after this operation. Schedule your appointment at Healthy Feet Podiatry today for a same day consultation for your unlucky toes. 

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