Meghan Markle Had Bunion Surgery?!?

Meghan Markle was spotted recently appearing elegant as always, but what garnered quite a bit of attention was the scar on her left foot! What could it possibly be from?! The scar seen on Markle’s foot suggests she had bunion correction surgery. She also has a bunion on her right foot that may need surgery as well.

What exactly is a bunion? A bunion isn’t just a bump on the side of the foot, it’s a deviation of the metatarsal bone which causes a malalignment of the big toe joint. They are formed due to increased pressure along the arch and inside of the foot that causes the bone to slowly drift over. This malalignment can be very painful to the joint and also make it very difficult to fit into regular shoes!

Bunions should be properly evaluated and treated before it becomes an even bigger problem. Bunions initially just cause pain and discomfort in shoes but can eventually result in arthritis of the big toe joint if not addressed. The progression of bunions can be limited with the use of custom orthotics which relieve the pressures to the foot that cause them. However, if it becomes painful enough then surgical correction of the bunion may be required. We can address painful bunions in the office with various injections or custom orthotics and if necessary, our doctors are well trained in corrective surgery.

If your bunion is affecting your daily activities or not allowing you to fit into your shoes properly then come see us and let us treat you and your bunion like royalty! Call us at Healthy Feet Podiatry where we have same day appointments available!

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