Foot and leg crushed at theme park! 

An 11 year old boy recently had his limb crushed at a theme park! While on one of the attractions his foot got caught between the ride and a concrete platform. He was visiting from Brazil and suffered broken bones in his foot as well as in his lower leg. He underwent emergent surgery in the US and is now recovering in his hometown.

Anytime there is a crush injury to a body part it comes with many potential concerns. The lower leg consists of two large bones and the foot has twenty-eight total bones, each one has its own function and they all work together to allow us to walk properly. An injury to any one of them can cause serious impairment to the individual. Crush injuries not only affect the bones but are also often associated with complicating conditions such as degloving or compartment syndrome. Degloving injuries are very serious and can occur when a foot or leg is run over by a vehicle. This results in a person’s skin being ripped off or “degloved” from their foot or leg. Another serious complication is compartment syndrome in which soft tissue injury and bleeding results in a significant amount of pressure in the foot or leg. This condition is a medical emergency as increased pressure can cause loss of blood flow as well as damage to the nerves and tissue in the affected area. Crush injuries are very serious and need to be properly assessed and often need to be surgically corrected. Our doctors are skilled surgeons who are well trained to evaluate and treat these conditions.

Spring is right around the corner and we encourage everyone to be active and have fun in the sun! However, if you do become injured, come visit us at Healthy Feet Podiatry where we can treat you and get you back to living your best life! Our office is equipped with X-rays, ultrasound and other tools needed to fully evaluate and treat you in the office. Call us at Healthy Feet Podiatry where we have same day appointments available!

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