Lions Punter Sam Martin injures foot on conch shell!

Florida has long been known as a destination for its beautiful beaches and endless sunshine. There are destinations on both coast of Florida that attract tourist from around the world! One of those destinations being Key West, also goes by the name of the Conch Republic, a term that was once used in Key West attempt to become independent! Thats it for the history, how did a  Detroit athlete get a conch shell in his foot, and what should you be concerned about if this happens to you?

Legend has it Sam Martin either stepped on or dropped the shell on his foot while vacationing. Not much else has been released about the extent of his injury. As with anything, knowledge is power, and knowing the dangers of stepping on a shell is half the battle! Shells pose a particular problem, because of their irregular shapes making for an often sharp, object just waiting to be stepped on. If you step on a a shell, depending on its size, it can become imbedded deep in your foot and become a major source for both pain and infection. It can also lacerate superficial structures within your foot causing a host of problems. Furthermore, shells generally come from the sea and that means as the shell breaks through your skin it creates an avenue for a dangerous bacteria called Vibrio Vulnificus to enter your body. This bacteria can be extremely dangerous if left untreated. Vibrio is often associated with the consumption of raw oysters, however it can be found in any warm salt water environment. It is important, if you find yourself in a Shell of a situation like Sam Martin, you call Healthy Feet Podiatry for your same day appointment!

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