Helping the Geriatric Population Prevent Falls… an important detail in a podiatrist’s job

Podiatrist are specialists in all things of the lower extremity, specifically from the knee down to the toes. However, also examining and evaluating a patient’s gait (the way he or she walks) is very important too, especially in the geriatric population!

Whether you, your parents or grandparents are using a cane/walker or not, stability is always a concern to prevent falls and injuries. At Healthy Feet Podiatry we can help provide support for patients with instability or balance issues by evaluating his or her gait and issuing the appropriate stability devices to prevent falls at home. Whether your instability is due to balance problems or laxity of the ligaments around the ankle, our trained professionals at Healthy Feet are here to help!

Unlike many ankle braces you find at the store that tend lock the ankle and can cause irritation/rubbing, our Ankle Stirrups at Healthy Feet provide excellent support and stability. More importantly, the ankle stirrup is hinged, allowing our patients to have mobility without weakening or stiffening the ankle joint. The ankle stirrup prosthetic device supports the ankle and improves your ability to walk, all while fitting in your regular shoes. These can even be used in the younger population suffering from an acute ankle sprain. The best part for patients at Healthy Feet Podiatry is that the most insurances cover these ankle stirrups with minimal additional cost for you!

If you are concerned about your ankle stability, or you have a parent or grandparent that is having difficulty with balance, call Healthy Feet Podiatry for an appointment to get you back on track again!

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