Avoiding Traditional Surgery for Neuromas, Let Me Introduce You to Cryosurgery

Have you been diagnosed with a neuroma? Have you been told your only option is surgery? If you answered yes to either of these questions, let me introduce you to Cryosurgery (aka Cryozone).

Cryosurgery is a natural, minimally invasive, in-office procedure that has alleviated neuroma pain in up to 85% of affected patients in only 15 minutes! Cryosurgery utilizes ultrasound guidance to place a probe through a small incision directly on the affected nerve. Once the nerve is identified two cycles of freezing are then completed in two minute time intervals. By using the ultrasound we guide the cryo-probe directly to the nerve to make the freeze treatment more accurate in placement. Freezing the nerve helps to alleviate the pain and swelling of the inflamed nerve. No stitches are even required following completion of the procedure. While most patients won’t notice changes in their symptoms for up to 3 months, many of our patients can notice significant relief within 2 weeks. Following the cryosurgery, we also add PRP and Ozone (high regenerative levels of oxygen) for better overall results, hence the name Cryozone. Two weeks of decreased activities in a boot is required for better overall results as well.

The physicians at Healthy Feet Podiatry are some of only a few in the world that utilize Cryozone for treatment of neuromas. They have treated patients from all over the United States and internationally to provide relief from neuroma pain. Our physicians were trained by the pioneer in Cryozone in Tampa Bay, Dr. Marc Katz, to assure the best possible results.

If you or a loved one are suffering from neuroma pain don’t want to undergo traditional neuroma surgery, call our office and speak with our Cryozone liaison Alexia to schedule a consult or visit our website at thetampapodiatrist.com. Remember, we treat patients from all over the globe, so be sure to visit our website if you are from out of state (or country) for more details!

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