There’s an Ankle Injury Epidemic in the NBA

We all know about the common ankle sprain. Honestly most of us have probably sprained our ankle at one point or another, but employees of the NBA seem to be dropping left and right with these injuries. Superstar and MVP Steph Curry has been sidelined throughout his career with ankle sprains. Recently Dion Waiters of the Miami Heat was ruled out the rest of the season with ankle pain. So why aren’t they getting better, and how can they fix it?

Everyone knows to start treating an ankle sprain initially with rest, ice, compression and elevation.  Then usually you buy an over the counter ankle brace; however, ankle sprains tend to be chronic problem that can lead to further injuries if not treated by a professional. At Healthy Feet we recommend starting with custom molded orthotics with a deep heel cup which helps to control and restrict some rearfoot motion stabilizing the ankle better. Ok, but what separates us from others? I’m glad you asked, it’s our regenerative medicine treatment alternative.

At Healthy Feet we offer a groundbreaking amount of regenerative medicine to assist in all your healing needs, specifically ankle sprains. All of these options are natural modalities that are performed as simple, in-office procedures. We usually combine Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Prolotherapy and Ozone to treat pain associated with ankle sprains, but a formal consultation is always performed initially with one of our doctors prior to starting treatment to see which form of regenerative medicine is right for you. All three of these modalities offer a variable way to treat chronically painful and unstable ankle conditions with their regenerative properties. After the procedure is performed and about 1 week of immobilization you should notice a vast difference.

Of course we also offer surgical options too. For those chronic injuries which have not responded to conservative or minimally invasive efforts, surgery is then discussed. Our surgeons at Healthy Feet can perform ankle stabilization surgeries to strengthen your lateral ankle ligaments keeping you active and healthy.

If you or a loved one have chronic ankle pain or ankle sprains, call us today! We want to be the first person you see to fix your ankle pain!

Dr. Todd Brennan

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