Philadelphia 76ers Rookie Dealing With Plantar Fasciitis

As if this season wasn’t tough enough for my Sixers, rookie of the year candidate Dario Saric has recently been placed on a minutes restriction as he deals with plantar fasciitis. Unfortunately for Saric, plantar fasciitis can be a disabling foot condition; however with the proper professional care from a podiatrist, plantar fasciitis can be treated.

Plantar Fasciitis (commonly referred to as heel spurs) is a very common foot problem that faces people across the globe. Most people typically experience pain in the bottom of their heel first thing in the morning or when attempting to walk after a period of rest.  If not promptly treated, plantar fasciitis can become more chronic causing constant pain throughout the day. The thought process as to why plantar fasciitis develops is that the plantar fascial band of tissue on the bottom of your foot shortens/contracts; therefore, causing a painful, pulling sensation when you step down on your foot as you’re getting up.

Typically treatment starts with stretching, icing, a cortisone injection and arch supports.  Since plantar fasciitis usually develops secondary to your foot type (high arches or flat feet) custom orthotics will help prevent further issues, especially if you are 6’10” 230 lbs like Dario Saric!  If you’ve tried these treatments already and you are looking for more advanced treatment options, Healthy Feet Podiatry offers prolotherapy, PRP and shockwave too. For really severe cases that have not responded to any of the above therapies, a minimally invasive procedure called cryosurgery is another option offered. All of the above procedures aim at reducing inflammation and helping the healing process of the plantar fascia.

As a Sixers fan, if you are reading this Dario, give me a call, we need you back on the court!

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