Minimally Invasive Correction for Neuromas

Minimally Invasive Correction for Neuromas

Q: What is a neuroma?

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Nervana cryosurgery for neuroma

A neuroma is an inflamed nerve that develops between your toes in the feet. It is not a tumor, but rather thickening due to localized irritation of the nerve. 

Q: What is Nervana cryosurgery?

Nervana cryosurgery is a minimally invasive regenerative medicine in office procedure to fix neuroma pain. With only local anesthesia, and under ultrasound guidance the neuroma is identified and the procedure is performed to halt the pesky nerve pain.

Q: How is cryosurgery different than the traditional surgery?

Cryosurgery is a minimally invasive in office procedure done to repair and regenerative nerve tissue to improve healing.  It also eliminates the possibility of a stump neuroma. Traditional neuroma surgery is more invasive requiring anesthesia and stitches. 

Q: Is surgery the best option for Morton’s Neuroma?

No. Nervana Cryosurgery avoids the traditional surgery approach, while using minimally invasive techniques to improve healing and regeneration. Why go to a surgery center or hospital, with an open incision, when you could have it done in office with no stitches. Traditional surgery also increases the risk of a stump neuroma or other complications. 

Q: What is the best treatment for a neuroma of the foot?

Nervana cryosurgery is the best and most advanced treatment for acute and chronic neuroma pain. It brings together the minimally invasive approach with regenerative medicine for excellent outcomes. Other conservative treatment options including orthotics, padding, cortisone injections and alcohol (or sclerosing) injections. 

Q: What is the latest treatment for Morton’s Neuroma

Nervana cryosurgery is the latest and most advanced treatment for Morton’s neuromas. The minimally invasive approach avoids stitches and traditional incision scars. 

Q: Can anyone have Nervana crysurgery for neuroma pain?

While we always recommend conservative care first, ie cortisone shots, Nervana cryosurgery is an excellent option to fix and repair your damaged nerve.

Q: Can I travel from out of state/country to have my nerve fixed?

Absolutely! In fact, a large majority of our patients travel from out of the state/country. The procedure is done on Mondays, with a follow up on Wednesday. The procedure is painless with a short follow up until you are heading home. 

If you’re interested in Nervana Cryosurgery with Dr. Todd Brennan, please call Healthy Feet Podiatry at 813-875-0555 to schedule a consultation!

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