Indulging in the holiday sweets leading to painful feet?

It is the best time of the year! No matter what holiday you celebrate, it seems there is a cluster of different holidays centered around the month of December. With the holiday season comes an increase in family time, and of course, food and drinks. This combination of food and drinks leads to a significant spike in not only pounds, but also foot pain!
Did you have an awesome time celebrating Thanksgiving with you family only to wake up the next morning with excruciating foot pain? Did you wonder, all I did was eat turkey and lay on the couch? This is an all to common sign that you are suffering from a Gout attack! Gout, is a type of inflammatory arthritis, that occurs when uric acid levels in the blood become too high (typically due to dietary intake) and start to crystalize. These crystals typically form in the coldest parts of the body which for most of us overnight is our feet!  It leads to a very unwelcome surprise in the morning.
Gout flairs will resolve on their own, however it can sometimes take weeks. Thats why when you woke up on Black Friday with a sore foot before you went shopping, you should have called Healthy Feet Podiatry to get a same day appointment to quickly resolve your problem! Since gout is an inflammatory arthritis it response rapidly to cortisone which is a potent anti-inflammatory. A simple cortisone injection can resolve all of your troubles and could of had you back in the stores to catch the deals!
If you are thinking “I will remember next time”, the reality is that next time could be as soon as the next holiday. With Christmas, Hanukah, and New Years just around the corner, it could be much sooner then you would like. The problem with this is the second part of Gout’s description was “arthritis”. With recurrent gout flairs, arthritis can set in, with the most common spot being the big toe joint! Arthritis at this joint can be extremely painful due to its important function in walking.
Luckily, if you are a seasoned gout pro and are now suffering with the arthritic side of its ugly head, we can fix that too. Custom molded orthotics are often all that is required to relive the pressure from an arthritic joint and therefore relieve your pain. However, if that does not fit the bill, we perform multiple surgeries from simple bone shavings, to replacing the entire joint to fix the arthritic component of gout.
The moral of this holiday nightmare is: Enjoy your holidays, however if you wake up with a sore foot, don’t fret, call Healthy Feet Podiatry for all of your foot and ankle needs!
Happy holidays everyone!

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