Arch pain

Arch pain in the foot can be the result of various conditions with different etiologies. The most common cause is plantar fasciitis, which is the result of repetitive microtrauma along the band of tissue along the bottom of the foot that causes it to become inflamed. Another condition known as Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD) can be the cause of arch pain. The posterior tibial tendon is used to support the arch and when it can no longer support the arch it can cause a lot of inflammation to the tendon and pain along the inside of the foot. Arthritis to the joints that make up the arch of the foot can also be a culprit of arch pain. These conditions can be treated in various ways including custom orthotics, bracing, steroid injections, PRP injections, or surgery. Arch pain can be evaluated and treated by a podiatrist at any of our locations in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, and Brooksville.


Bunions, also known as a “bump on the inside of the foot”, are a very common foot problem. They usually present as pain and swelling on the side of your foot. They appear to be a growth of bone; however, they are an angular deformity that causes a bone, which is normal in size, to become prominent. This deformity occurs due to a muscle imbalance. Typically, we can fix the pain related to a bunion with a cortisone injection, padding, or custom molded orthotics which prevent you from needing surgery. The orthotics function to realign the foot into a neutral position which helps slow or prevent all together the progression of your bunion. If your deformity has become large it can cause stress on the nerve in the area and surgical correction may be needed. Surgical correction varies on how severe the bunion is and can sometimes be performed with minimally invasive techniques. Bunions are a common foot problem that you do not have to live with. Bunions can be evaluated and treated at any of our locations in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, and Brooksville.


Hammertoes are a contracture of the toes which makes them look like they are hammering the ground. This often causes painful corns and calluses to form. Hammertoes are caused by a muscle imbalance in the foot which causes the toe to slowly deform. In our office we often treat hammertoes with cortisone, padding, and orthotics. The function of an orthotic in hammertoes is to attempt to rebalance the muscles which are out of alignment and prevent the deformity from getting worse. Our foot doctors can perform a tenotomy, which is a lengthening of a tendon, as a minimally invasive solution which takes place right in any of our office locations in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, and Brooksville. For severe cases of hammertoes, surgery can straighten the toe and provide both pain and aesthetic improvement.

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