Dunkirk Exceeds Box Office Expectations, but Likely Gave Thousands Foot Problems!

Dunkirk, the hit new WWII movie was a resounding success in the box office. The movie is about allied troops being stranded on the beach and saved by air and sea to escape certain demise. As a podiatrist watching a movie like this, its hard to not think about their poor wet feet! In the cool climate of Europe the primary concern was trench foot. Luckily we live in Florida, so the cold is not an issue, however excess moisture is still a major concern. High humidity in Florida along with high temperatures increases perspiration, and therefore causes damp socks! Fungus thrives in moist dark environments making your feet the perfect place for a fungal infection of the skin or nails. 

Both of the aforementioned conditions are a very common occurrence, especially in the climate we live in. At Healthy Feet Podiatry we take a proactive approach in treating fungal infections. A combination approach is the best method to rid your nails of the fungal intruders. At Healthy Feet, we use a specialized painless laser, in addition to conventional treatment options, to make the environment unsuitable for fungus to thrive. This greatly improves your chances of escaping the fungus, just like the allied troops escaped the enemy in Dunkirk!

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