COVID-19 toes

Some of you may have heard of a pandemic that is currently ongoing called COVID-19. Its hallmark symptoms are mostly upper respiratory in nature, however there are some hidden signs that you may be a silent carrier of the virus. This brings us to COVID toes/feet.

There have been numerous reports of a Pernio appearing rash on the feet associated with COVID patients. You make ask what does Pernio look like? Pernio is a term for frost bite. It presents with a purplish some-times blue or red rash, however in this case there is no identifiable origin for its occurrence. It typically causes swelling of the toe if located there. It can also appear with the same colorization as a flat patch on the ankles or feet. If you find that you have anything that looks like this and can remember being either directly exposed or in an at risk environment getting tested is the most responsible thing to do!


With all that scary news how about some good news? The good news is Healthy Feet Podiatry has maintained its open door same day appointment policy throughout the pandemic. We have employed almost universal zero wait times, and cleaned the office thoroughly multiple times a day with hospital grade disinfectant. Our doctors are continuously being monitored and tested for COVID to protect our at risk patient’s. If you find that you are have any foot or ankle problems, big or small call us at Healthy Feet Podiatry for a same day, safe consultation.

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