Bayern Munich Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer out with Metatarsal Fracture

After suffering a defeat at the hands of Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid, the German goalkeeper was found to have suffered a metatarsal fracture in his left foot. The metatarsals are the long bones behind your toes. Many of you may be familiar with a Jones fracture, which is a fracture of the 5th metatarsal. The extent and exact bone that Neuer broke is still unknown; however treatment for most metatarsal fractures is the same.

If you sustain a metatarsal fracture that is considered non-displaced (there is no gapping between the broken parts of the bone) typically immobilization in a boot/cast is warranted for approximately 6-8 weeks. This gives the bone enough time to heal without requiring surgery. However, if the fracture is displaced (the gap between the broken bone is open or rotated), surgical intervention is typically warranted.  Displaced fractures can be surgically repaired with screws, plates, pins or a combination of each.  Following completion of the surgery, one could expect to be off his or her foot for 6-8 weeks as the metatarsal fracture heals in the correct position.

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Viel Glück Manuel in your recovery!

Dr. Todd Brennan

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