Lance D.

“I have been plagued by foot problems for years. I have been to several podiatrists both in Florida and in Massachusetts, and they’ve been either unwilling or unable to provide me with the information that I needed. A few days ago I came across the Healthy Feet Podiatry office address in Brooksville FL, near where I live, and decided to give them a try. The receptionist was quite pleasant on the phone, and quickly set up an appointment for me.

The office was small, but very clean and tidy. The staff members were polite and smiling, which, I might add, is not always the case in various doctors’ offices that I’ve visited. Most peculiar, I thought, was that when I arrived I was the only patient there. After filling out the requisite forms I was quickly escorted into a small room where I gave a description of my problems to one of the staff. Then she left, saying that Dr. Brennan would see me shortly. This often means a long wait, but not in this office. Dr. Brennan appeared quickly, and got right down to the business at hand (or at foot, I should say).

There ensued on to the best conversation that I’ve ever had with a doctor.
He first examined my feet, particularly the one that’s currently giving me problems and asked me pointed questions about how my problems were affecting me. Then he gave me information about various options that no other doctor had explained to me, and went into detail about how they would likely affect me. There was a surgical option which none of the other podiatrists had ever mentioned to me and he eased my fears of a long recuperation if I were to choose that course. He offered other options as well, which no podiatrist had ever revealed to me. I really liked the surgical option, especially that it wouldn’t be terribly painful nor have an extended recuperation period.

He answered my every question to my satisfaction and never indicated that he didn’t have the time to answer more questions. In fact he told me that giving patients enough time to relax and ask about details was one of the reasons that I didn’t see many patients in the office while I there. He didn’t want his patients to be or feel rushed. The doctor was Dr. Bret Brennan. He was clear, thorough and answered every question that I asked him clearly. Some questions lead to yet more questions, that in my experience cause many doctors to terminate the interview, but not in this case. We haven’t planned the next step yet because I’m waiting for an MRI of my foot, but I’m already touting Dr. Brennan to any of my friends and acquaintances who have foot problems. With what I’ve seen of this practice so far I gladly give it five stars, and would give it more if I could.”