“I have seen a few different doctors at Healthy Feet Podiatry myself, and I can tell you it isn’t a fluke. ALL the doctors and staff are very friendly and go out of their way to be helpful! My daughter needed surgery on both feet this summer and Dr Cruz was AMAZING! He has the best personality and a laugh that will have YOU laughing in the waiting room when you hear it booming through the halls! ???? And, talk about compassionate. There was a glitch with our insurance that put off my daughter’s surgery and made her recovery run into the school year, which we didn’t want. Dr. Cruz felt terrible and made personal calls to us after hours to try to help us resolve it! Fast forward a couple of months. Her surgery went perfectly and Dr Cruz even let her pick the music to listen to in the OR (Classic Rock)! After, he called and texted to us himself to check on her. He did such an amazing job that at our one week visit, the bones looked almost completely fused. What normally would take 6-8 weeks only took 5 weeks for my daughter to get out of the boots and walking in normal shoes! So, if you need any type of care for your feet, I and my daughter highly recommend Dr Cruz and Healthy Feet Podiatry! ????????????‍♀️”