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I came in recently for an ingrown toenail surgery. Dr. Binh Nguyen, Tim, Alex, the receptionists and female who checked me in were all warm, welcoming and professional. I had some anxiety about the procedure and they were patient while I took time to make a decision. They also thoroughly answered my questions and never made me feel rushed. Thank you for the 5-Star treatment!


Was able to get a same day appointment! The whole entire team was wonderful and made me feel very comfortable. Definitely would recommend seeing them for any of your podiatry needs!


I was concerned with this Appointment as it was my first diabetic foot exam. My visit went smooth and without incident. The staff and doctor made the visit almost pleasurable. I definitely would recommend the doctor for any foot related problem. I will definitely continue to see him as well as any of my family. I wish all doctor visits went like this one


Great practice! They were able to fit me into their schedule right away when other places couldn’t see me for over a month. I was seen quickly the day of my appointment and the treatment is helping me. Great doctor and staff. Thank you!


I have been plagued by foot problems for years. I have been to several podiatrists both in Florida and in Massachusetts, and they’ve been either unwilling or unable to provide me with the information that I needed. A few days ago I came across the Healthy Feet Podiatry office address in Brooksville FL, near where I live, and decided to give them a try. The receptionist was quite pleasant on the phone, and quickly set up an appointment for me.

The office was small, but very clean and tidy. The staff members were polite and smiling, which, I might add, is not always the case in various doctors’ offices that I’ve visited. Most peculiar, I thought, was that when I arrived I was the only patient there. After filling out the requisite forms I was quickly escorted into a small room where I gave a description of my problems to one of the staff. Then she left, saying that Dr. Brennan would see me shortly. This often means a long wait, but not in this office. Dr. Brennan appeared quickly, and got right down to the business at hand (or at foot, I should say).

There ensued on to the best conversation that I’ve ever had with a doctor.
He first examined my feet, particularly the one that’s currently giving me problems and asked me pointed questions about how my problems were affecting me. Then he gave me information about various options that no other doctor had explained to me, and went into detail about how they would likely affect me. There was a surgical option which none of the other podiatrists had ever mentioned to me and he eased my fears of a long recuperation if I were to choose that course. He offered other options as well, which no podiatrist had ever revealed to me. I really liked the surgical option, especially that it wouldn’t be terribly painful nor have an extended recuperation period.

He answered my every question to my satisfaction and never indicated that he didn’t have the time to answer more questions. In fact he told me that giving patients enough time to relax and ask about details was one of the reasons that I didn’t see many patients in the office while I there. He didn’t want his patients to be or feel rushed. The doctor was Dr. Bret Brennan. He was clear, thorough and answered every question that I asked him clearly. Some questions lead to yet more questions, that in my experience cause many doctors to terminate the interview, but not in this case. We haven’t planned the next step yet because I’m waiting for an MRI of my foot, but I’m already touting Dr. Brennan to any of my friends and acquaintances who have foot problems. With what I’ve seen of this practice so far I gladly give it five stars, and would give it more if I could.

Lance D.

I could not have asked for better care! After nearly a year and a half of nobody being able to help me with a Hemangioma in my foot, Dr Cruz stepped up to the challenge. He always listened to my concerns and addressed everything honestly–even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. After seeing him just a couple of times, he dove deep into my case and found a way to remove the mass without causing any issues with the rest of my foot or my mobility. This was his first case with something so encompassing as the mass was extremely large and in the arch of my foot. Even the day of surgery, he put all of his energy into my case and managed to remove the rather annoying and extremely painful mass. To that point, nothing had given relief. I look forward to my visits with him still even being 4 months post op and he still manages to keep me positive. He’s been open to my family reaching out anytime they are feeling concerned (as im states away from them) and always is available if I have any pressing issues or concerns. The staff is wonderful as well. They always made sure if I called with questions they were answered and always made sure I had everything I needed. If I ever have any issues with my feet in the future, I will be going back to see Dr Cruz!

Ashley E.

Dr. Todd Brennan and the entire staff at Healthy Feet Podiatry are the best! They were able to get me an appointment the same day I called, processed my insurance and most importantly tended to my foot issue. Dr. Brennan personally called to check on me later in the afternoon that day to fully explain the extent of my injury and prescribed treatment. The entire staff could not have been more friendly and caring. Other medical providers could certainly learn a lesson from Healthy Feet Podiatry on how to care for patients. Five star rating for sure!

Patrick N.

When I needed to see a podiatrist, a friend recommended Dr Leo Krawetz of Healthy Feet Podiatry, & it turned out to be the best referral I ever received. I had a bunion that had been bothering me for quite some time that Dr Krawetz treated with cortisone shots. The shots lessened the swelling as well as the pain. However, the time arrived when I decided to have the surgery. At no time did Dr. Krawetz “push” for the surgery. The surgery was my idea, Dr Krawetz answered all of my questions & explained exactly what would transpire during the surgery. I recuperated in record time & am now wearing the shoes of my choice. The ladies in the office are caring, knowledgeable & professional. I highly recommend Dr Krawetz for all of your podiatric needs.

Marilyn W

Dr Leo was fantastic in helping my daughter who had 2 ingrown toenails. She is a student at FSU and had to get back to Tallahassee on a Monday, by late afternoon, and was in serious pain for the past few months with an unsuccessful surgery up at FSU. The office staff was friendly, fun and supportive. Dr Leo had us in and out in probably 25 minutes max and then he gave her excellent instructions on post-procedure care. She healed very quickly and was very optimistic about the other big toe being done upon her next visit. That visit was just as relaxed and efficient as the first procedure. Brooke is excited to have it all behind her and Dr. Leos’ level of warmth, care and concern was outstanding!! These guys are the best!

John B.

When it comes to my feet, I was hesitant about seeing any Doctor. But a friend recommended Dr. Binh Nguyen at Advance Podiatry. I should tell you that not one time, I felt any sort of pain. All my concerns regarding my diabetic problems were addressed and I left there feeling very much relieved. From the moment I arrived, the staff in the front office of Holly and Heather made me feel super comfortable and Alex the head nurse was a true and friendly professional. This was a totally pain free experience. Thank you Advance Podiatry!

Pete T.