Q: What is a wart or plantar wart and what does a wart look like?
A: A wart is a group of viral particles that live on the skin in the bottom of the foot with many black dots in the center of the surrounding and overlying callus. A wart looks like a callus at the bottom of the foot and sometimes has black dots in the middle of the callus. The black dots are tiny blood clots.

Q: Is a wart on the bottom of the foot contagious?
A: Yes they are definitely contagious because a wart is a virus that can live on the ground for up to 10 days and infect another person.

Q: How do I treat a wart at home?
A: Apply a wart medicine with 18% salicylic acid to the wart and keep it covered with duct tape, remove the duct tape twice a day to apply more wart medicine until the wart falls off which could take up to 6 months.

Q: How do I get rid of a wart?
A: 18% salicylic acid and cover with duct tape but most of the time a wart will need to be cut out at a podiatrist office. The best treatment for a plantars wart can also be to apply a strong acid that is only available by a medical provider and covering the area for a day after the acid is applied.

Q: Does freezing a wart get rid of it?
A: Freezing a wart usually works for children under 7 years old because they have thin skin.

Q: Do warts usually come back?
A: Yes the recurrence rate is usually as high as 50% regardless of how the wart is removed, burned, and frozen off.