Toenail Fungus (Fungal Toenails)

Q: Why Is my toenail discolored?
A: Your toenail can turn yellow, black or white If you have toenail fungus.

Q: What is the best treatment for toenail fungus?
A: Laser treatment for toenail fungus has a 60% cure rate, pills have a 38% cure rate, and topical 8% cure rate. The best treatment is to have laser treatment for fungal toenails once a month for 6 months and then 3 times a year for maintenance so it doesn’t return.

Q: Why is my toenail brittle and crumbling?
A: Toenail fungus makes a toenail brittle and crumbly and have many colors like black, yellow, green or white marks.

Q: Will removing the toenail and letting it grow back be a cure for fungus?
A: Removing a toenail for fungus is only necessary if the toenail is coming loose but it does not increase the chance of getting rid of the toenail fungus unless toenail treatment is used.

Q: Are there any home remedies or treatments for toenail fungus?
A: There is no home treatment that will cure toenail fungus but applying antifungal toenail polish can slow down the process of the fungus growing in the toenail. Soaking feet in bleach, white vinegar and applying vicks vapor rub does not cure toenail fungus.