Q: What is a hammertoe?
A: A hammertoe is a deformity of any of the toes when the toes curl downward.

Q: What causes a hammertoe?
A: A hammerote is caused from wearing shoes that are too narrow but mostly it is hereditary and can become progressively worse over time.

Q: How do I treat a hammertoe?
A: The best way to treat hammertoes can be with surgery by cutting the tendon on the top or bottom of the toe and removing a piece of bone from the toe or by fusing the toe joint. Hammer Toe splints will not fix a hammertoe.

Q: What is the bump on top of my hammertoe?
A: The bump on the top of a toe is the bone from the toe joint in combination with extra skin called a corn that forms from the toe rubbing on a shoe.

Q: How long does it take to get better after a hammertoe surgery?
A: Most people are wearing whatever shoe they want within 6 weeks after a hammertoe surgery. It may take longer to wear high he