Q: What is a bunion?
A: A bunion is an overgrowth of bone at the base of the big toe on the side of the foot. It typically looks like a bump on the side of the foot on the base of the big toe.

Q: What causes a bunion?
A: Bunions are hereditary and can also be caused by wearing shoes that are too narrow.

Q: How do I treat a bunion?
A: Bunions are usually fixed with surgery called a bunionectomy. Non surgical treatments would include wearing shoes with a wider toe box, or a shoe that does not rub on the bunion. Cortisone shots will treat the pain from a bunion.

Q: How do I fix a bunion?
A: The best way to fix a bunion is by performing a surgery called a bunionectomy. The bump is removed and the bone is moved over until the big toe is in a straight position.

Q: What is the recovery for bunion surgery and how long will I be off my feet?
A: After a bunionectomy or bunion surgery the patient will be wearing an open toed walking boot for 4-6 weeks. Most people prefer to take the first 2 weeks off work during the 6 week recovery for bunion surgery but many times it is not required. Most patients will take 3-4 days of stronger pain pills after the surgery.