Athletes Foot

A: Athletes foot is a fungal infection which causes dry cracked red skin on the bottom of the feet and red peeling skin in between the toes.

A: Athletes’ foot is the most common cause of foot itching and itchy feet. There is usually dry red cracked skin and peeling red skin in between the toes.

A: Athletes foot is treated with topical antifungal cream, lotion, or gel which is prescribed by a foot doctor or podiatrist.

A: Dry your feet in between the toes. Use powder to keep the feet dry, wear socks that are clean and dry and wear breathable footwear. You can also soak the feet in white vinegar and water using 2 tablespoons full of white vinegar.

A: The strongest treatment for athlete’s foot is to take a pill called terbinafine for 30 days or apply a prescription topical antifungal medicine which would be prescribed by your podiatrist or foot doctor.

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